TH Chandeliers has been around for a few years now and Terry Hills who started the business is a very keen antique lighting collector and has a real passion for antique cut glass chandeliers, lustres, candelabra and anything made of glass.  He’s a bit of a self-confessed magpie!

We try to keep all chandeliers manageable in size as we recognise that most people live with lower ceilings these days though we can source larger ones for those who need additional size for larger rooms or stairways.  Lights are either antique or vintage – a very over-used word but it means that chandeliers are at least over 25 years old.  If we find a chandelier with some merit, and it’s more modern, it may get into the collection but we will always tell you on the description.

We keep prices reasonable for you and chandeliers start at £110 for very small ones and rise to many thousands of pounds for older and larger models.  We do have everything in between so we can suit all pockets.  We have links with both vintage specialists and high end antique restorers, so you will always find something with us…if you don’t see it, ask.

We are not London based but we regularly send our parcels all over the UK and world. Naturally there is a cost that is individual to each situation which we can speak about if you take a fancy to one of our babies!

Please enjoy our pictures and we look forward to seeing you and answering any of your questions.