Below is our latest stock of Chandeliers...we hope you find the one of your dreams! If not, click contact us and let us know your requirements. For a bit of background information on chandeliers, click here to read Chandeliers - A History, which can also be found under the information section.

1950s 8 Arm Glass Chandelier – TH212

Tent and Waterfall Chandelier with Amber Drops – TH211

Early 20th Century 5-Arm Glass Chandelier – TH208

Magnificent Glass 6 arm Chandelier – TH207

1950s Balloon Chandelier – TH205

Small 1930s Flat-topped Balloon Chandelier – TH204

Small 1930s Balloon Chandelier – TH203

1930s Balloon chandelier – TH202

1950s 4 Tier Waterfall Chandelier – TH184

1960s Bag Chandelier – TH174

Early 20th century brass chandelier w/icicles – TH135

1960s Tent & Bag Chandelier – TH166

Italian 1920s Tall Glass Chandelier – TH163

French coloured glass chandelier – TH161

Early 20th Century Tent & Bag Chandelier – TH152

Sheaf of Wheat painted chandelier – TH150

1930’s Bag Chandelier with Swags – TH146

Elegant 3 Tier Waterfall Chandelier – TH78

1920’s Two Tier Albert Waterfall Chandelier – TH56

Late Victorian Waterfall Chandelier – TH41

*SOLD*Late Victorian Tent and Waterfall Cut Glass Chandelier – TH217

*SOLD*PAIR Early 20th Century Red and Clear Waterfalls – TH189

Selection of Edwardian cut glass globes

Coloured glass, candle chandelier

*SOLD*Late Victorian Tent and Waterfall Chandelier – TH199

*SOLD* 1940’s Cut Glass Bag Chandelier – TH103

*SOLD* Early 20th Century Waterfall Chandelier – TH128

*SOLD* Pair of 1960’s Lantern Style Chandeliers – TH100

*SOLD* Mid 20th Century Bag Chandelier – TH45

*SOLD* Early 20th Century Tent & Bag Chandelier – TH122