Below is our latest stock of Chandeliers...we hope you find the one of your dreams! If not, click contact us and let us know your requirements. For a bit of background information on chandeliers, click here to read Chandeliers - A History, which can also be found under the information section.

Coloured glass, candle chandelier

*SOLD* 1940’s Cut Glass Bag Chandelier – TH103

*SOLD* Early 20th Century Waterfall Chandelier – TH128

*SOLD* Pair of 1960’s Lantern Style Chandeliers – TH100

*SOLD* Mid 20th Century Bag Chandelier – TH45

*SOLD* Early 20th Century Tent & Bag Chandelier – TH122

*SOLD* 1950’s Tent and Bag Chandelier – TH112

*SOLD*1960s Bag Chandelier with swags – TH176

*SOLD*Pair of Early 20th Century Bag Chandeliers – TH148

*SOLD* Design Classic 1970’s Cascade Chandelier – TH19

*SOLD* Magnificent Early 20th Century Waterfall Chandelier – TH18

*SOLD* Modern Marie Therese 12 Light Chandelier – TH17

*SOLD* Early 20th Century Glass Top Waterfall Chandelier – TH16

*SOLD* 1950s Balloon Type Bag Chandelier – TH15

*SOLD* Early 20th Century Bag Chandelier – TH14

*SOLD* Beautiful late Victorian silver plated bag chandelier – TH13

*SOLD* 1960s Italian Chandelier in Chrome and Glass – TH145

*SOLD* Beautiful 1930s Bag Chandelier – TH144

*SOLD* Pair of Large Vintage 1960s Bag Chandeliers – TH96

*SOLD* 1930s 3 arm coloured glass chandelier – TH95

*SOLD* Late Victorian cobalt blue and clear chandelier – TH94

*SOLD* Pair of Early 20th Century Icicle Chandeliers – TH143

SOLD – 1960s Murano Glass 6-Arm Chandelier – TH187

*SOLD* 1960s 6-Arm Marie-Therese Chandelier – TH186

*SOLD*1940s Aurora Borealis Bag Chandelier – TH185

*SOLD* Mid 20th century waterfall chandelier – TH12

*SOLD* Early 20th century bag chandelier – TH11

*SOLD* Aurora Borealis bag chandelier with Art Nouveau detail – TH10

*SOLD* Beautiful five tiered Strass waterfall chandelier – TH9

*SOLD*Waterfall chandelier with masks around the rim – TH8